Cape of Coconut Island - Koh Maprao - Phuket

Property Overview

20 rai former coconut plantation, comprising the southern cape of Koh Maphrao


Coconut Island, or Koh Maprao, is a small island measuring about 1km by 2km and is the home to approximately 600 families. The location of the island is just off the east coast of Phuket, easily accessible by a 400 meter boat ride from Laem Hin pier in Phuket.
Coconut has over the past few years seen great changes as foreigners and others have ‘discovered’ this pretty island. The Village Resort ( on the north side of the island is a large hotel and villa resort with restaurants, spa, tennis courts etc, and there are other smaller resorts planned or already there. With electricity coming to the island in 2013, Coconut Island will be a very attractive destination for travelers as well as people in Phuket who wants to get away from the increasing traffic and noise in Phuket.
The Land: This property is possibly the most spectacular on the entire Coconut Island and also beyond. With a total area of 20 rai and 1 ngan, or 32,400 square meters, this property has an ocean frontage of approximately 400 meters(!). It (the ocean front) contains beaches and coves, spectacular rock formations as well as deep water. As this is the southern point of the island, the land is facing east, south as well as south west, which means you can see the sun rise as well as set.

Land/ Property Details

Price210,000,000 THB
LocationKoh Maprao / Head Land
Land size (Measurement)20 Rai
Land code114001
Land Title Chanote

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